Emily's paper on Peer Leader Learning Attitudes published in J. Chem. Ed.!
                  York Lab awarded intramural research grant from the Center for COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness (CCRP2) entitled
                  Darrin is the recipient of the second annual Grossman Innovation Prizelanter专业破解版下载百度云蓝·灯下载
                  York lab among first cohort of researchers to gain access to the fastest academic supercomputer in the world
                  Abir's paper on VS ribozyme published in Nature Chemistry!
                  Colin's paper on RNA enzyme design published in RNA!灯蓝百度云盘
                  蓝·灯下载Yujun and Hsu pass their OFRP... Congratulations!
                  蓝·灯下载Abir's paper has been selected as an ACS Editor's Choice article蓝1灯破解版百度云灯蓝百度云盘
                  Darrin organizes an ACS symposium on integrating theory and experiment灯蓝百度云盘
                  Ken's Paper On The Pistol Ribozyme Accepted
                  Şölen's crystal paper featured on cover of J. Phys. Chem. B
                  York group leads new Ontology for discussion of RNA-cleavage reactions in ACS Chem. Biol.
                  lanter专业破解版下载百度云Şölen selected to receive "Promise in COMP" award蓝1灯破解版百度云
                  蓝1灯破解版百度云Colin Wins Poster Award at Nucleic Acids Conferencelanter专业破解版下载百度云
                  York Group at the Nucleic Acids Conference!灯蓝百度云盘灯蓝百度云盘
                  George's JACS paper on Molecular Solvation Theory is now available!灯蓝百度云盘
                  灯蓝百度云盘Emily Wins Rieman Award for Excellence in Teaching
                  Ken Selected to Receive BASF Corporation Catalysts Division Fellowshiplatern专业破解版安卓最新版
                  Abir Ganguly wins Best Poster at the Rutgers Postdoctoral Symposium!
                  latern专业破解版安卓最新版York Group Takes Retreat in Florida Following ACS Meeting灯蓝app下载
                  LBSR Makes a Big Impact at the 255th ACS Meeting in New Orleans
                  New GPU-accelerated free energy method in JCTC
                  Colin wins Reid Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Doctoral Research
                  Ken and Emily Win Van Dyke Award for Excellence in Research
                  灯蓝app下载Emily Atieh Publishes Book Chapter in ACS Symposium Series灯蓝app下载
                  蓝·灯下载Colin Gaines has paper accepted into Angewandte Chemie
                  Darrin York to give Closing Plenary Talk at QM/MM Methods and Applications conference At University of Manchester
                  Darrin York attends CHARMM Developers Meeting at Harvard University
                  蓝·灯下载New GPU-accelerated pmemdGTI module offers over 2 orders of magnitude speedup in free energy calculations
                  Emily Atieh Presents at the Chemistry Education Research Conference at Miami University
                  灯蓝百度云盘Darrin York Gives Opening Plenary Lecture at TheoBio17 in San Sebastian, Spain
                  灯蓝百度云盘Ken Kostenbader Wins Duff Travel Award
                  灯蓝app下载Emily Atieh attends AAAS-CASE Workshop in Washington D.C.
                  Colin Gaines wins Van Dyke Award for Excellence in Research
                  灯蓝百度云盘Emily Atieh Awarded Duff Travel Award
                  5th Zing Nucleic Acids Conference
                  Darrin York Transforms Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms
                  Darrin York's Attendance at Solvay Conference in Brussels
                  JCP Editor's Pick
                  Colin's Paper on Twister Ribozyme Featured in C&EN
                  灯蓝app下载Haoyuan Chen Receives Reid Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Doctoral Research
                  Maria Panteva Successfully Defends Thesis!蓝·灯下载
                  Erich Kuechler Successfully Defends Thesis!
                  Thakshila Dissanayake Successfully Defends Thesis!
                  灯蓝app下载Darrin York Named New Jersey Professor of the Year!lanter专业破解版下载百度云
                  蓝·灯下载Brian Radak Successfully Defends Thesis!
                  Ming Huang Successfully Defends Thesis!蓝·灯下载
                  Faculty Honored for Teaching, Research, Service, and Diversity Initiativeslanter专业破解版下载百度云
                  Ming's Sugar Pucker Profile Paper Featured on April Cover of JCTC!lanter专业破解版下载百度云
                  Major Changes to Rutgers General Chemistry Course - First Page Headlines!
                  lanter专业破解版下载百度云High Achiever Recognition Ceremony蓝1灯破解版百度云
                  Publication: "Parametrization of an Orbital-Based Linear-Scaling Quantum Force Field for Noncovalent Interactions"灯蓝百度云盘
                  Darrin York's Talk at the Gordon Research Conference
                  蓝·灯下载Bringing the "Wow" Factor to Chemistry Class
                  Nobel Prize Winner Martin Karplus was Advisor to Three CCB Faculty
                  latern专业破解版安卓最新版20 Years of PME: Symposium Honoring Professor Darrin York, Tom Darden, and Lee G Pedersenlatern专业破解版安卓最新版
                  Professor Darrin York honored with SAS Award for Distinguished Contribution to Undergraduate Education
                  latern专业破解版安卓最新版Introducing a Novel E-Learning System Targeting Better Education for Students in the Science Industries
                  蓝1灯破解版百度云Reaction Path and Transition States for RNA Transphosphorylation Models
                  Molecules of RNA Form Biological Catalysts

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